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The purpose of the following terms is to clearly stipulate the rights and regulations regarding the process, responsibilities and liabilities, and authority of members (hereafter referred to as "members") who agreed to the terms and completed the service registration and of ktis Inc. (hereafter referred to as the "company") with respect to the registration and use of services (hereafter referred to as "service," and refers to all services provided by the “company” including services specified in Article 19 hereafter) provided by the Internet site www.koreataxfree.com and the kt tourist reward.
① All the content of these terms will be posted on the homepage or through other miscellaneous methods and will be immediately effective upon the member's agreement and registration of the service.
② The company will post on the first page of their Internet site information regarding the company name, office location, names of representatives, business license number, and contact information (phone number, fax, and electronic mail .)
③ The "company" reserves the right, at its sole discretion and according to the laws of South Korea, to modify the terms and conditions. When making changes to the terms, the "company" will notify "members" of the revisions, the grounds of the revisions and the effective date on the front page of the service homepage, 7 days prior to the effective date. However, if an unfavorable revision is made for the "members," the changes will be announced at least 30 days prior to the effective date. In addition, "members" will be notified electronically through electronic mail .
④ As members have the right to disagree with the revised terms, in the case in which members do not accept the terms, they can cancel their service contract. In the case in which the terms are unfavorable to the member yet the members neither cancel service nor notify the company of their desired proceedings by the effective date, it will be assumed that the members agreed to the revised terms.
⑤ In regards to individual service, the "company" reserves the right to set detailed guidelines for use, terms of service and regulations. However, when conflict exists between the applicable content and these terms, the terms for the individual services will take precedence.
Rules and regulations that were not specified in detail here follow the legislation of commercial practice and customs including the Restriction of Special Taxation Act , the exceptional clause of the individual consumption tax (ICT) and value added tax (VAT) for foreign tourists, the Enforcement Rules of the exceptional clause of the individual consumption tax (ICT) and value added tax (VAT) for foreign tourists, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. of Korea.
① The definitions of the terms used herein are as follows:
   1. "Service" refers to the services related to the kt tourist reward Service that "members" can access from whatever device they are using (PC, TV, mobile device, including all kinds of wireless and non-wireless devices).
   2. The "member" refers to those who access the "Internet site" and applications and those who agree to the service member agreement and the individual privacy policy. As a member who is issued an ID and password, the member is entitled to the rights and qualifications under the membership class.
   3. "Administrator" refers to the person whom the "company" chooses for the overall management and smooth operation of the "service".
   4. For the purpose of the member's personal identification and for the use of the "service," "ID" refers to a combination of numbers and letters that was authorized by the "company" after the passport number and an electronic mail address of the member had been selected.
   5. "Password" refers to the combination of numbers and letters selected by the member for the confidential protection of the member.
   6. "Channel" is the generic term referring to the platform that can manage pictures, images, music postings, image streaming, real-time broadcasting, video editing, and videos that the "service" provides.
   7. "Content" is the generic term referring to pictures, text, photos, drawings, links to various files, and replies to various information that members upload or post.
   8. A “Kiosk” refers to an unmanned automatic machine that processes kt tourist reward service.
② Except in the case of clause ①, the definitions of the terms in these Terms of Rules are according to the applicable Acts and the informational guide of service.


① The process for member registration is such that those who wish to become members enter into an agreement upon registration for membership and agree to the terms of service.
② Agreeing upon the terms of service and requesting to register means that the member agrees to provide the company with their information for normal use of service.
① The company has the right to restrict its consent to registration according to the following. Until these reasons are resolved, registration can be deferred, or even after consent, the contract for use can be terminated.
   1. In the case in which there is a shortage of system capacity related to the service or there are technical difficulties that prevent service
   2. In the case in which the member had registered under an alias or a false name.
   3. In the case in which there exists a misentry or omission in the registration
   4. In the case in which a person under the age of 14 registered without the permission of his or her parent/ guardian
   5. In the case in which the member registered in order to disturb the peace, cause a disturbance in society or to be a hindrance
   6. In the case in which the purpose of using this service or the use of this service was to violate the law or to infringe on the rights of a third-party
   7. In the case in which the member uses the service in a negative way, such as introducing a computer virus or bug or taking advantage of the system's weaknesses
   8. In the case in which there was an instance where the member had lost his or her privileges to the service on a different occasion. However, those who had lost their privilege for more than a year are exceptions and can re-register
   9. In the case in which the registration for use of service was not met with the criteria that the company had set
② Depending on the qualifications, the member's use of service may partially be restricted, and depending on the content of registration as in a change in name, termination, and the privilege of the member and service use range can vary.
③ Regarding the member, the company reserves the right to restrict usage and classification for age compliance and classification according the "Juvenile Protection Act" and the "Promotion of the Motion Pictures and Video Products Act".
① According to section 31 of the Information Network Law, when clients under the age of 14 want to register, they must obtain permission from a legal representative, yet because the company is not able to collect information that determines clients under 14, the company restricts the registration of those less than 14 years of age. Thus, the company does not provide official services for those less than 14 years of age.
② The company is not legally responsible for those who sign up for membership while disregarding the legal notice above.
① For the use of the service, the member is responsible for the management of his or her member ID and password. The member is accountable for any unfavorable measures arising from wrongful use of a third party, whether intentionally or by negligence. However, in the case in which the company is found to be at fault whether intentionally or by negligence, the company will be accountable.
② In the case in which the member's ID and password were stolen or a third party is found to be using the service, it is necessary that the member changes the password immediately and takes the proper measures in contacting the company and following instructions.
① In the case in which there were changes made to information entered in the application form, it is necessary that members contact the company regarding the changes and make those changes either by electronic mail or another method as indicated by the company.
② If the member does not make changes and losses are accrued as a result of not having made the changes, the company will not be liable.
③ Members can access and change their personal information in the member information settings at any time. However, it is not possible to change the information in the required fields of registration, like one's name, passport number, and other personal information.


The following chapter will look at the general information regarding services provided by the kt tourist reward and its use.
① Service is accessible once the company authorizes membership registration. However, in terms of part of the service, the service is commenced from the determined date.
② In the case in which the company cannot activate the service because of a technical difficulty or professional negligence, members will be notified on the Internet site.
③ In order for the company to provide exclusive service, the company can request an additional process for registration and in the case in which this exclusive service is used, the rules and regulations of the relevant site or service will take precedence over these terms.
① The company reserves the rights to restrict the general use of service and regulate policies regarding the maximum days for which and maximum capacity in which electronic mail messages, bulletin board posts, uploaded videos, and other displayed content are kept; the maximum number and size of an electronic mail message that can be transmitted through the account of the service; the maximum disk capacity allocated for the server; and the maximum window of time one can access the service.
② The company does not have any legal responsibility for not saving or for deleting content, communications, images or transmitted or saved messages according to clause ① above despite the policy of the company without cause.
③ In the case in which the compliance of all legislation and normal services are needed, depending on the characteristic of the service being provided, the company is able to save content regarding the relevant service, location information, and transmitted messages.
① As long as there are no technical or business related hindrances, this service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
② The company can divide the service into its different scope and is able to separately determine the period in which one could use certain parts. In this case, the company will set up notifications on their site.
① In order for the company to constantly implement improvements, the company reserves the right to change the content of the basic service partially or totally.
② The company reserves the right to restrict partially or totally or terminate a service in the following instances:
   1. When there is failure with the computers, the repairs of communication facilities, or the interruption of communication
   2. Unavoidable repairs of equipment for service
   3. Necessary repairs for site maintenance or service upgrades
   4. Disturbance in normal service due to power failure, malfunctioning equipment, or the congestion of usage
   5. When securing original data for the provision of service is difficult or the contract with the original copyright holder and associated rightful person was terminated, or when it is difficult to obtain the original data for the provision of the service or the termination of a contract with the original copyright holder and the associated rightful person of various content, such as videos or music
   6. When the member is a hindrance to the company's business activities
   7. When the contract with the service content provider is terminated or when the company is unable to maintain service because of certain circumstances
   8. Under the circumstances of natural disasters, a state of national emergency, or reasons that are outside of the company’s control
③ When a service is suspended due to reasons indicated in clause ② of this article, members will be notified if the service is terminated according to the method determined by the company. However, this is not the case if the service is suspended due to reasons that the company cannot control (i.e. disk or system failure not due to willful negligence or the error of the operator).
④ When the provision of the service is temporarily terminated due to reasons indicated in the second point of this Article and there are losses accrued by members or a third party, it is the company policy that the company will not provide compensation. However, this is not the case if there was willful negligence or if the company was at fault.
① In maintaining and operating the service, the company may post advertisements that are deemed suitable or effective on the Internet site, service screens, SMS or electronic mail . However, members can refuse this through a fixed procedure.
② Communicating or making deals via ways of using advertisement that is displayed on this service or getting involved in the promotional activities of advertisements through this service is completely up to the member and the advertiser. In the case in which a problem arises between the member and the advertiser, it must be directly resolved between that member and advertiser. The company does not have any responsibility regarding these matters.
③ The company is not liable for any deals made with the member regarding goods and services provided by an independent site that was hyperlinked.
④ The member reserves the right to refuse electronic mail s that request information anytime except for customer inquiries and transaction-related information following the applicable laws. Only, at the time of refusal, electronic mail s that were already sent cannot be suspended for technical reasons.
⑤ Members may not hinder, slander, or randomly delete advertising banners that are posted by the company.
⑥ On the service screen, the company makes it known in advance that service hours regarding billing inquiries follow the policies of the relevant financial banking institutions.
① The company is unable to delete any content the member posted or sent within the service, including messages between members, without any prior notification in the following cases. Otherwise, the company takes no responsibility regarding this matter.
   1. Without any prior consent, the content uses company service information to reproduce or distribute for personal business use.
   2. When the content is used to slander or defame the company or a third party, which ultimately affects their reputation
   3. Publication of obscene or illicit material or links to illicitic Internet sites
   4. Information, writing, or images circulated to disturb public order and public morale
   5. Content that is tied to criminal activity
   6. Content that violates the copyright of the company or the copyright of a third party
   7. When the posting exceeds the time limit set by the company, as indicated in the guidelines of clause ②.
   8. When the content prompts confusion or the destruction of information or the mishandling of equipment that is related to the service, or when the content contains a virus that can circulate and embed itself in computers
   9. Business activities that sell merchandise through the service unless formally approved by the company, hacking, profiting from advertising, business activities through illicit Internet sites, and the illegal distribution of software
   10. Content that is posted, displayed, electronically mailed, and sent through other methods but that is not authorized for transmission or is against the contract or against the law
   11. Content not relevant to the service provided by the company
   12. Advertisements or promotions unnecessary or that were not approved
   13. Content that violates or is deemed to violate the guidelines of the company and the applicable Acts
② The company reserves the right to implement detailed guidelines regarding postings, and the member must apply or delete postings, including those the member had sent, according to these guidelines.
③ If the service posting or content violates another person's private life, damages their reputation, or violates the rights of another person, those who were victim of such a violation can request company intervention by giving evidence of the facts through electronic mail , phone, or the homepage reporting menu.
④ If there is a request as specified in the aforementioned clause, the company will take the necessary measures of deleting, displaying or taking temporary steps for the refuted content according to legislation. Members shall be kept informed through means of publication on the relevant web board, and the claimant and the member who posted the information will be notified through electronic mail what the process will be.
⑤ If it is difficult to assess whether there was a violation of rights or not, or if there is speculation that there was conflict between stakeholders, the company will take measures by temporarily blocking the relevant information (hereafter "temporary blockage"), which will then be in effect for a period of 30 days.
① Copyrights of the works posted by the company and the site that the company prepared belongs to the company. However, the postings made by the members and writings provided according to the contract are excluded.
② The member is responsible for the maintenance of all postings (including postings sent between members) put on the service by the member; thus, the company has the right to post within the service. As such, the company cannot use the proper postings put up by members for other purposes without their consent.
③ Unless not stated in a separate provisions policy and legislation, the copyright of the postings will consider the following. It will be regarded that members give companies authorization, which can be relicensed, nonexclusive, incapable of cancellation, and permanent, to use any materials publicly submitted or published on the service.
④ Even though the postings within the service violate the copyright of a program or another person's copyright, the company does not take responsibility under the civil and criminal sanctions. In the case in which a member violates another person's copyright or program copyright and the company suffers a loss because of this, the member must try to relieve the company from this responsibility. If the company is unable to be exempted from this responsibility, the member must cover all the losses the company had to bear.
⑤ Whether the member terminates the account or the company does so for a reasonable reason, the said member is able to delete his or her posting.
⑥ Any information that the member receives through postings on the service or in using the service cannot be used by the member or through a third party for commercial use through the means of transmitting, publishing, broadcasting, or reproducing. Any violation of the postings will be prosecuted under the intellectual property rights of the Related/Relevant Act.
⑦ The service and all information related to software as well as any software related to the service are protected under intellectual property rights. As such, any information that is provided to the member through advertisement, or this service or content, which is included with sponsorship advertisement, is protected under the regulations of intellectual property rights, patents, trademark and copyright.
Members cannot use, reproduce, sell, resell, or copy all or parts of the service content for commercial purposes.
① Members who received video clips provided by the video service have to install a plug-in provided by the company hereafter.
② In order for the company to provide a secure service to members, the company can make changes to the plug-in program if deemed necessary for the policy of the service or technology environment.
③ During a video service that is to be offered hereafter, There may be restrictions depending on the qualifications of the member under the membership policy provided by the company and the kind of device and specifications being used by the member. A notice of the pertinent data is displayed in the member information of the said service.
④ Operators of a channel of video content that is provided by the service cannot post or publish without the permission of a member directly nor can he or she change, reproduce, delete, distribute, post, transmit, or make a link to the program without the proper authorization or permission from the proper program copyright holder or change or conceal the name of the copyright holder or change the name of the program.
⑤ The channel operator bears full responsibility for information regarding software programs, information, messages, data, documents, pictures, images, characters, or sound. Thus, they are fully responsible for any losses accrued by unlawful copyright infringement.
⑥ The company does not hold any responsibility for losses as a result of clauses ④ and ⑤ of this Article.


The following chapter defines matters to be brought to attention regarding part of the key services provided by the kt tourist reward.
The company offers the following services to members:
① Tax-Refund Service
   1. When foreign tourists purchase goods from approved duty free shops, one could receive a refund for the individual consumption tax and the value added tax, which is added to the price of a good.
   2. If a good exceeds a cost of 30,000 won and was purchased from an approved duty free shop, upon departing the country and one passes through customs within 3 months of purchase, the individual consumption tax (ICT) and the value added tax (VAT) are refunded to the foreign tourist.
   3. With other tax refund services, tourists are refunded a tax at a tax refund counter upon departure after specifying one's personal information and receiving a verification stamp at the customs office in the airport. On the other hand, the kt tourist reward provides a simplified refund service by converting the complicated refund procedure to a systemic electronic refund system.
   4. Company can deduct a fee from the tax amount for refund or remittance.
   5. Member can select non-cash refund, in that case, additional handling fee may be charged.
② Tax-Refund Service Procedure
   1. When purchasing a good that exceeds a value of 30,000 won at a kt tourist reward affiliated store, present your membership card or membership number to the clerk. Your Tax Refund transaction is then completed. (Non-members can request a membership card at affiliated stores and access the Internet site before departure on any wireless or non-wireless device to register for membership and to verify the membership card was received.)
   2. When departing, visit the tax refund kiosk and after presenting your passport and purchased item, the customs clerk will electronically verify your goods for export.
   3. When customs is completed, you can receive your refund at the kt tourist reward kiosk in the departure lounge.
③ Contents of service on Internet site the www.koreataxfree.com:
   1. Provides information on main Tax-Free Shopping places in the country and information on sales events
   2. Provides information on main tourist attractions in the country (including finding accommodations and making reservations, places to eat good food, recommended tourist attractions "grand shopping centers, shopping districts, landmarks, ancient palaces, themed districts, and theaters".)
   3. Provides service inquiries for the expected refund amount and information on refund inquiries regarding the goods purchased.
④ The entire service (pre-paid electronic tourist/transportation card for foreigners, Wibro Egg rental service, main tourist attractions, and discount performances.) is provided to the member by the company through a partnership contract with other companies or additional development.
⑤ All service is provided by electronic commerce, including tour packages.
⑥ Contents of the kiosk service:
   1. kt tourist reward membership registration
   2. Integration of purchase history stored through a membership card and a member’s passport data
   3. Tax refund from a kiosk that has additional features of tax refund (cash, credit card, etc.)
   4. Add up receipts transferred from the kt tourist reward’s affiliated stores.


Goods and services (hereinafter ‘goods, etc.’) such as the contents, products and others that are provided by the company or businesses other than the company may be purchased at the Internet site www.koreataxfree.com. This chapter defines general matters with regard to a member’s aforementioned purchase.
① The company performs the following tasks for service, including purchase of goods, etc. that occurs while using ‘Internet site www.koreataxfree.com'.
   1. Provision of information about goods, etc. to members, and conclusion of a purchase agreement
   2. Delivery of goods, etc. that a purchase agreement is made on
   3. Other works assigned by the company
② The company may change the contents of goods, etc. that are to be provided based on a future contract if the goods, etc. are out of stock or if there is any change in their technical specifications. In this case, a notice shall immediately be posted on a place where the description of the existing goods, etc. are put up and a description of the change and a change date shall be included in the notice.
③ If the company needs to change the contents of service that the company is to provide for a user in accordance with a contract due to no available stock of goods, etc. or any change in their technical specifications, the user shall immediately be informed of the reason via a verified electronic mail address. The notice shall be given in accordance with Article 24.
④ In the case of clause ③, the company shall compensate the user for any loss occurred due to this. However, the company does not compensate the user if the company proves that such a change is neither intentional nor the company’s fault.
① The respective definition of a buyer and a seller for the procedures for the purchase of goods, etc. is as follows:
   1. Buyer: A person who requests a purchase with the intention of buying goods, etc.
   2. Seller: A person who requests a sale with the intention of selling goods, etc. and places a sell order
② Purchase of goods, etc. takes place under the following procedures and by the following means:
   1. How to Make Deals
   A purchase deal is made only when the price of a sell order and that of a buy order match.
   2. Processing a Purchase Result
   A buyer is contacted by the company via electronic mail that notifies a buyer of the results of a deal when the deal is complete through purchasing service for goods, etc.
   3. Payment
         a. A buyer may use pre-paid cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc. as means of payment for the purchase of goods, etc. If necessary, a user shall provide personal information when making a payment.
         b. A seller may use credit cards, etc. only after registering the credit cards with the consent of a buyer.
   4. Supply of Goods, etc.
         a. The seller issues a voucher for goods, etc. that have been purchased by a buyer and takes appropriate action to help the buyer to use them effectively.
         b. The seller shall not be held responsible if a buyer loses or tampers with vouchers that had been issued by the seller or with the supporting evidence that proves the buyer’s purchase thereby making the service provider unable to use the vouchers.
   5. Policy on Return/Change/Refund/Booking Cancellation
         a. Cancellation of a Reservation/Advance Sale: When a buyer wishes to cancel a purchase, the buyer is not allowed to make a partial cancellation of a set of goods. The buyer may cancel the whole set of goods, etc. only. The buyer can cancel a reservation/advance sale during designated hours only. At the time of purchase, the buyer shall be notified of the hours available for cancellation of the whole set of goods, etc. However, the hours for cancellation of a reservation/advance sale may be subject to change due to the situation of an event organizer.
         b. The buyer who reaches an agreement on a purchase of goods, etc. with the seller may also ask for a refund on the Internet site of the seller seven days prior to the expiration date of a voucher (seven days prior to the show date for goods like concert tickets, etc.,).
         c. The buyer may not ask for a refund when the buyer is responsible for losing or tampering with goods, etc.; when the value of goods, etc. has noticeably decreased due to a buyer’s use or partial consumption of goods, etc.; when the value of goods, etc. has noticeably decreased to the extent that the resale of the goods, etc. is hardly possible due to the passing of time; when the package of goods, etc. that can be duplicated is tampered with; or, when a buyer mistakenly makes a copy and uses goods, etc of others.
         d. If the buyer is not accountable for faults of goods, etc., the seller shall give a refund at the request of the buyer.
         e. When goods, etc. that have been purchased by the buyer are inevitably undeliverable because the goods, etc. are sold out or out of stock, measures to give a refund shall be taken within three business days from the date when payment for the goods, etc. has been made, and the buyer shall also be notified of the reasons in accordance with Article 15 of the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
         f. Change to Reservation/Advance Sale: If the buyer wishes to make any changes to an advance sale, it shall be cancelled and then another advance sale shall be made again. When a change is made to the buyer’s purchase, the seller shall immediately notify such a change to the buyer. However, the seller shall not be held responsible for failure of notification when the seller fails to notify it to the buyer due to an incorrect electronic mail address provided by the buyer at the time of the advance sale. A notice shall be made in accordance with Article 25.


① The company provides and is connected to the service, and thus does not reveal nor distribute personal information of the member to a third party without the consent of the member. However, this does not apply when it is a matter of legitimate procedure as prescribed by law and the company demands the information from authorities with jurisdiction for the purpose of interrogation under the Related/Relevant Act.
② As indicated in clause ①, the company is connected to the business; thus, the company can create and use statistics related to the member's personal information partially or totally without prior consent of the member. For this to happen, the company reserves the right to access cookies in the member's computer. If members want to deny access to the cookies on their computer, they may change the settings on their browser. It is the responsibility of the member if there are any changes made to the service due to changes made to the settings of the cookies.
③ The company shall deal with complaints from members regarding service expeditiously. When it is difficult for the company to respond promptly, the company shall notify members by publicly displaying the reasons and the disposal on the homepage or by electronic mail .
④ If there are any losses accrued because of service provided by the company, and if losses are intentionally caused or due to negligence, the company will take responsibility for the extent of general damages.
⑤ The company complies with the Tax Reduction and Exemption Control Act (of Korea), exceptional clause of the value added tax and individual consumption tax associated with foreign tourists, enforced regulations of the value added tax and individual consumption tax associated with foreign tourists, legislation and applicable laws and regulations in its operation and maintenance of the service.
① Members should not engage in the following when using the service:
   1. Filling out applications or changing applications with false information, another member's ID and password, or using the service dishonesty
   2. Circulating or reproducing information from the company service without prior company consent for commercial use
   3. Acts of libel in which another person is defamed or disadvantaged
   4. Posting illicit material or links to illicit material on the web board
   5. Violating the company copyright or a third party’s copyright
   6. Spreading information that disturbs the public order or public morale through information, writing, figures, or audio
   7. Disseminating content containing a virus that could infect computers, thereby causing a malfunction of equipment used for the service or confusion and destruction of information
   8. Intentionally disrupting the operation of the service or disrupting the operation of secure services by explicitly transmitting SPAM
   9. Acting in a way that affects another person or making false statements about another person's relationship
   10. Obtaining, saving and making another member's personal information public
   11. Disseminating the information of false statements for the purpose of affecting losses against another person or giving another person or self, profit in property
   12. Gambling one's assets or acting in a speculative behavior
   13. Acting as a procurer of prostitution or disseminating information of obscene acts
   14. Uttering words or sounds that raise fear, feeling of aversion or shame or acting in a way that interrupts a person's everyday life by consistently sending writing, audio, image or video – an act of modifying information posted at the service
   15. Uploading or transmitting information (including computer programs) that are prohibited for upload or transmission according to legislation
   16. Transmitting electronic mail or putting up a notice that affects the company's employees or operators, impersonates or expropriates another person's name
   17. Interfering with the normal operations of equipment for telecommunications, hardware, or computer software, or posting material or transmitting material via electronic mail that includes programs, files, computer codes or software viruses designed to be destructive
   18. Acts that harass another member, such as stalking
   19. Putting to risk order of electronic commerce by obstructing the use of another person's site or by expropriating information
   20. Acts that are unduly or illegal
② Members must comply with particulars determined by the company, matters that require attention regarding the service and member information, policies in this term of rules and the Related/Relevant Act. It is necessary that members do not act in ways that interfere with the business of the company.
③ The member can make use of the service except for cases in which the company publicly acknowledged. However, they cannot be engaged in business activities that sell merchandise, business activities through illicit sites, or be engaged in hacking, gaining profit from advertisements, or distributing commercial software. The company does not take any responsibility in any legal action taken on agencies concerned with an investigation or damages occurred as a result of business activities violating the above.
④ Members must provide copies of important as electronic mail, publication material displayed on Internet pages case of damages caused by hindrances to the system, and any losses due to the negligence of doing so will not be the responsibility of the company.
⑤ Members must comply with liability at the time of transmitting prescribed SPAM according to the laws related to the promotion of the use of the information telecommunications network and secure information.
⑥ Members who transmit illegal spam will take all civil and criminal responsibility that may arise.
⑦ In order to receive a Tax Refund, members must verify their membership card and membership registration. The company does not take any responsibility for the inability to obtain a refund due to the negligence of verification on the member's part.
① When signing up for membership, a member’s passport number is set as a default password for the member’s convenience. After the signup, a member will change his or her password in person and be responsible for an unchanged password.
② A member will be held responsible for all incidents resulting from the careless management or illicit use of an ID and password while the company is held responsible for incidents caused by the company’s system failure or other reasons for which the company is accountable.
③ A member will not allow a third party to use his or her own ID or password. If a member finds out that his or her ID or password is stolen or used by a third party, the member must inform the company of such incident immediately and follow the company’s instructions, if any. The company will not be responsible for any complications if a member does not report the incident to the company nor follow the company’s instructions.
① The company may inform a member by using an electronic mail address the member provided to the company. If the member fails to be informed due to inaccurate information such as an electronic mail address that the member has given to the company, the company is deemed to reach the member by sending its notice to the information the member has given.
② A notice to an individual member may be replaced by a notice toward an unspecified multitude of members, which is posted by the company on the company’s site for 7 days or longer.
① The company will make an effort to protect members’ personal data, including the members’ registration data, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The applicable laws and regulations and the company’s privacy policy may be applied to protect members’ personal data. Nevertheless, the company’s privacy policy will not be applied to any linked site on the Internet apart from the company’s official site(s). The company holds no responsibility for any data disclosure caused by a member.
② The company will not provide a member’s personal data to third parties without the member’s consent unless it is stipulated in the terms or the applicable laws and regulations.
③ The company collects a user’s personal identity information only with the user’s consent.
④ When the company needs to obtain the consent of a user according to the aforementioned clause, the company will clearly state or notify the user, in advance, of information including the name of personnel responsible for the personal data management, the name and contact information (e.g. a phone number) of a department which takes care of the personal data protection and relevant grievances, the purpose of data collection and use, information about the data provision to third parties (a data user, the purpose of the data user’s data use, provided items of data, the data user’s personal data holding period and duration of use), and etc., which are covered by the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. A member may withdraw this consent at any time.
⑤ A member may view his or her personal data and correct inaccurate information through ‘member’s profile update’ service at any time. A member may request the company to update his or her personal data at any time. The company is held responsible for giving an immediate response to such request without delay.
⑥ The company will assign a person responsible for personal data management in order to protect personal data and be fully responsible for any loss or damage affecting a member as a result of the loss, leakage, falsification of his or her personal data, which includes the user’s passport number, electronic mail address, etc.
⑦ The company or any third party provided with personal data by the company will immediately destroy this personal data once the purposes of the collection and provision of personal data are met. However, the following are exceptions:
   1. When it is necessary to retain data in accordance with the Commercial Law or Act, or clauses of other laws and regulations
   2. When there is a lawsuit or dispute which requires keeping personal data as evidence
   3. In other cases including when a user’s separate consent is obtained
   However, even in such cases, the exact holding period of personal data will be announced along with legitimate reasons, and the data will be completely discarded when the period is over.
⑧ The company makes an effort to protect a member’s personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the ‘privacy policy’ set by the company. The ‘privacy policy’ is as effective as these terms of use.
The company basically carries out the processing and management of collected personal data and other works (the ‘work’). However, if necessary, part or all of the work may be outsourced to a company which is selected by the company, and relevant information will be specified in the privacy policy.
A member will not transfer or give away his or her rights to the use of the service or his or her status that is specified in the contract for other uses. A member will have all rights including copyrights on the postings uploaded by the member and be held responsible for them.


① If a member wishes to terminate the contract for the use of the kt tourist reward service, the member may unsubscribe on the member’s profile update page of the Internet site www.koreataxfree.com under the procedure set by the company.
② When a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will be immediately deleted upon termination unless the company needs to keep the data under the applicable laws or the privacy policy.
③ When a member terminates the contract, all the content posted under his or her account, such as electronic mail s and blogs, will be deleted. However, since the content shared, scrapped or reposted by others, or posted to the public bulletin boards will remain, the member needs to delete the content before he or she terminates his or her membership.
④ The company may terminate the contract or suspend the service use without prior notice if a member does not honor the obligation of a member specified in Article 21.
⑤ The company may restrict some service use depending on the subscription level of a member even after he receives an ID and password by agreeing to the contract for the service use.
⑥ The company may give notice to a member who has no history of service use for one year since his membership subscription and ask whether he wishes to continue to use service. If the company does not receive a reply within a certain period of time set by the company, the company may terminate the contract for the service use. When terminating the contract, a member’s personal data including his ID and all data about his service use such as electronic mail s and blogs will be deleted.
⑦ If the member loses his or her membership due to a termination of his or her contract as stated in this Article, the member will not be entitled to claim any compensation against the company for the benefits that may have occurred at the time of the contract termination.
⑧ The company may designate a dormant ID for the customer’s ID in order to prevent the illicit use of the customer’s ID and password if the ID has no login history to the company’s Internet site(s) for more than one year. The company may place restrictions on login and only allow login with the following procedures:
   1. A new password will be entered following the verification procedure to identify the customer.
⑨ A member may object to the company’s action stated in clauses ②, ③, ④, ⑤ and ⑥ of this Article by taking certain procedure set by the company. If the company finds the member’s objection legitimate, the company will immediately resume the service use.
① If a member falls under one of the following cases or fails to meet his obligations stated in the terms, the company may restrict or suspend his or her membership, and the member will not be entitled to claim any compensation against the company for the suspension of the service use.
   1. When the member provides false information when signing up for membership
   2. When the member poses a threat to e-commerce order by obstructing others’ use of the site(s) or illicitly using others’ data
   3. When the member's activities are prohibited by the Korea Communications Standard Commission’s review regulations; information & communications code of ethics; and, program protection act, other applicable laws and regulations and these terms of use, or the activities disturb public order or public morals
   4. When the Korea Communications Commission or the Korea Information Security Agency confirms the delivery of illegal spam and requests the suspension of the service use
   5. When bulk electronic mailing or bulk SMS service causes or may likely cause a system failure
   6. When a member is involved in any illicit spam relay or the delivery of a virus-infected electronic mail or SMS
   7. When there are repeated deliveries of such advertisements even after a receiver requests no further delivery
② The company immediately informs the member of the restriction or suspension of his or her membership stated in clause ① via electronic mail or notice displayed on the Internet pages.
③ The company may proceed to disqualify a member if the same activity is repeated more than twice or the causes of the activity are not addressed within 30 days of the restriction or suspension of the service use.
④ A member may object to the company’s action stated in this Article by taking certain procedure set by the company. If the company finds the member’s objection legitimate, the company will immediately resume the service use.


① If a member causes damage to the company by violating these terms of use, the violator will compensate the company for the damage the company has suffered.
② If any third party apart from a member who had undertaken illicit activities or violated these terms of use while using this service makes a claim for compensation or files a lawsuit against the company for the consequences of the aforementioned illicit activities or the violation of the terms, the member will bear the responsibility and cost and make effort to exempt the company from relevant responsibilities and obligation. If the company fails to be exempted from such responsibilities and obligation, the member will compensate the company for all the damage he or she may have caused to the company.
① When the company is not able to provide service due to a state of national emergency, natural disasters or something equivalent, the company is not held responsible for the service provision.
② The company is not held responsible for the service failures caused by a member’s activities.
③ The company is not held responsible for a member’s loss of expected profit, which may occur by using the service. The company is also not responsible for other damage caused by the materials obtained through the service.
④ The company does not ensure that the contents uploaded by a member are reliable or accurate. The company also has no obligation to confirm or represent any opinion or information posted on the company's site. The company does not endorse, oppose or revise opinions expressed by members or third parties.
⑤ The company has no obligation to intervene in a dispute between members or a dispute between a member and a third party over the service. Accordingly, the company also bears no responsibility to compensate for the damage.
① If a dispute between the company and a member over the service use may occur, the company and the member will negotiate to settle the dispute in good faith.
② If a dispute is not settled in the negotiation stated in the clause ① of this article, the two parties may take legal action and bring the case to court of the Republic of Korea.
③ The law of the Republic of Korea will be applied to the lawsuit between the company and a user.

(Effective Date) These terms of use will take effect on October 14, 2013.

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