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This service enables a consumer to view the refund amount beforehand that will be deducted from the spending amount.
Enter Purchased Items
Please enter your purchased goods and the price of purchase in KRW (currency of the Republic of Korea). The calculator uses the same currency for the total amount of purchases and your estimated refunds.
The amount of purchase must be at least 30,000 KRW in order to apply for a tax refund in the Republic of Korea. You are eligible for a tax refund, provided that the amount of your purchase is 30,000 KRW or higher.
Purchase 추가 VAT : 10%
Total Purchase

Amount of refund and the amount payable calculated in Korean won (KRW).

The refund calculator is only provided as a basic tool for the calculation of your refund amount. The amount it displays may differ from the actual amount.

Kt tourist reward service does not state or warrant the accuracy or the completeness of the information its refund calculator displays.

While the refund calculation service is provided in good faith for the convenience of our customers, kt tourist reward service does not warrant that it will be kept up to date at all time or be true.

The estimated refund amount may differ from the actual refund amount due to a special consumption tax.

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