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kt tourist reward Solution

For the first time in Korea, kt tourist reward will offer a convenient Tax Refund service to its affiliate tax free stores and tourists by introducing eTRS for Tax Refund.

What is the eTRS (electronic Tourist Reward System)?
It is an easy-to-use, convenient electronic tourist reward system that transfers real-time refund data created at the point of purchase to an operator at the refund counter and to the customs declaration counter on departure by bringing paper form-based refund claims, export validation and the overall tax refund process into a computerized system.
For the first time in Korea, kt tourist reward enables you to provide a Tax Refund Service for tourists in an easy, convenient way by introducing the system-based eTRS to manage purchase and membership data, transfer real-time purchase data to the system of Korea Customs Service, report statistics, and provide zero-rate tax data.

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